Sunday Responsibilities

DateUshersGreetersAcolyteAcolyte AlternateCruciferCrucifer AlternateFlowersSound Team
January 6
Chip & Jennifer SchwartzKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherCommunionKerry (slides) Dodd (sound)
January 13
Chip & Jennifer SchwartzKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
January 20Cindy Cone & Keith BeamonKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
January 27Rufus & Toni LangleyKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonUsherCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
February 3Rufus & Toni LangleyDeryck & Shannon HillUsherCommunionMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
February 10Tom Britt & Steve StaffordPriscilla Temple & Paula RicardUsherKerry (slides) Dodd (sound)
February 17Deryck & Cole HillPriscilla Temple & Paula RicardUsherDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
February 24Deryck & Cole Hill
Jean Patterson & Amy McLambUsherNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
March 3Dave & Missy FinchJean Patterson & Tom BrittUsherCommunionCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
March 10Dave & Missy FinchWillis & Wanda JohnsonUsherMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
March 17Dodd & Sherri MatthewsWillis & Wanda JohnsonUsherKerry (slides) Dodd (Sound)
March 24Dodd & Sherri MatthewsJohnnie & Kim RobertsonUsherDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
March 31Tom Britt & Steve StaffordJohnnie & Kim RobertsonNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
April 7Larry Rhodes & Jim FarmerDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsherCommunionCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
April 14Larry Rhodes & Jim FarmerDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsherMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
April 21Carmen & Mike DunnDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsherKerry (slides) Dodd (Sound)
April 28Carmen & Mike DunnDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsherDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
May 5Philip & Judy ShawBetsy & Gordon IsaacUsherCommunionNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
May 12Deryck Hill & Cole HillBetsy & Gordon IsaacUsherCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
May 19Deryck Hill & Cole HillScott & Tonya ParkerUsherMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
May 26Chad McLamb & Tim AllenScott & Tonya ParkerUsherKerry (slides) Dodd (Sound)
June 2Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Jim FarmerUsherCommunionDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
June 9Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Jim FarmerUsherNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
June 16Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerSusan & Anna SmithUsherCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
June 23Mike Smith & Tim AllenSusan & Anna SmithUsherMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
June 30Mike Smith & Tim AllenSusan & Anna SmithKerry (slides) Dodd (Sound)
July 7Steve Stafford & Glen HoneycuttJean Patterson & Danny HoneycuttUsherCommunionDodd (slides) Kerry (sound)
July 14Steve Stafford & Tom Britt
Kay Stafford & Linda LeuserUsherNick (slides) Murphy (sound)
July 21Shane Norris & Steve StaffordMaria Isaza & Barbara RhodesUsherCameron (slides) Nick (sound)
July 28Charles & Albert BrewerMaria Isaza & Barbara RhodesUsherMurphy (slides) Cameron (sound)
August 4Cindy Cone & Keith BeamonPhil & Judy ShawUsherCommunion
August 11Cindy Cone & Keith BeamonMary Lynn Massengill & Tom BrittUsher
August 18Andy & Christine WilsonDonnie & Andy HardyUsher
August 25Andy & Christine WilsonDonnie & Andy HardyUsher
September 1Steve Stafford & Jack AustinUsherCommunion
September 8Steve Stafford & Bryon JohnsonDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsher
September 15Shane Norris & Eric MiznerDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsher
September 22Andy Hardy & Glen HoneycuttDodd & Sherri MatthewsUsher
September 29Andy Hardy & Deryck HillJudy & Phil ShawUsher
October 6Nick Kirsch & Bryon JohnsonVivian & Glen HatcherUsherCommunion
October 13Nick Kirsch & Murphy WilliamsVivian & Glen HatcherUsher
October 20Cameron Kirsch & Murphy WilliamsVivian & Glen HatcherUsher
October 27Cameron Kirsch & Nick KirschVivian & Glen HatcherUsher
November 3Phil & Judy ShawKerry & Melissa DangerUsherCommunion
November 10Dave & Missy FinchKerry & Melissa DangerUsher
November 17Dave & Missy FinchKim & Johnnie RobertsonUsher
November 24Rex Matthews & Rufus LangleyKim & Johnnie RobertsonUsher
December 1Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Joe LeuserUsherCommunion
December 8Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Joe LeuserUsherPoinsettia
December 15Kerry Danger & Murphy WilliamsLynn Keene & Leigh BarnesUsherPoinsettia
December 22Deryck Hill & Gordon IsaacMary Lynn Massengill & Judy ShawUsherPoinsettia
December 29Deryck Hill & Gordon IsaacCollege StudentsUsherPoinsettia
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