Youth Ministries

Our youth ministry includes 6th-12th graders. Together we seek to love God and one another through regular worship, fellowship, service, and discipleship. We see each other as a “second family” and commit to rejoicing during one another’s victories and journeying alongside one another through life’s difficulties (1 Corinthians 12:12-26). All are invited and welcome to join us, for each person has a place in the Body of Christ. 

 Weekly Ministry Schedule     

Sundays -Sunday School, 9:45am -Worship, 10:55am -Youth Group, 5pm 

Wednesdays -Body & Soul Café (churchwide dinner), 6:15pm -Youth Bible Study, 6:45pm 

Annual Events

Summer mission trip

Fall weekend retreat

Fellowship outings (Dinner & movie nights, Adventure Landing, Skzyone, sporting events, concerts, cookouts, bonfires, etc.)

Messy Games Night

Service projects

Overnight lock-ins