Sunday Responsibilities

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Usher Substitutes: Keith Beamon, Deryck Hill, Danny Honeycutt

DateUshersGreetersAcolyteAcolyte AlternateCruciferCrucifer AlternateFlowersSound TeamRoamers
January 5
Mike Smith & Tim AllenKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonAlyna VannAddison BrittAustin CreechLance ParkerCommunionNick (slides) Cameron (sound)Philip Wood
January 12
Cindy & Keith BeamonKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonHeavenly BergerLucy LassiterElliot Isaacs Allie WilliamsMary Lynn MassengillCameron (slides) Dodd (sound)Philip Wood
January 19Toni & Rufus LangleyKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonLandon HaughtZack WilliamsJohn HaughtAustin CreechJean PattersonDodd (slides) Nick (sound)Gordon Isaacs
January 26Toni & Rufus LangleyKathy Westbrook & Anita StephensonLucy LassiterClaire MiznerAnna SmithElliot IsaacsSue DohertyNick (slides) Cameron (sound)Philip Wood
February 2Deryck Hill & Gordon IsaacsBetsy Isaacs & Vivian HatcherAddison BrittAlyna VannLance ParkerAnna SmithCommunionNick (slides) John Ross (sound)Tim Allen
February 9Carmen & Mike DunnPricilla Temple & Paula RicardZack WilliamsEthan McLambEthan WilliamsLance ParkerWanda JohnsonJohn Ross (slides) Nick (sound)Phillip Wood
February 16Carmen & Mike DunnPricilla Temple & Paula RicardHeavenly BergerAddison BrittAustin CreechElliot IsaacsVivian HatcherDodd (slides) Cameron (sound)Gordon Isaacs
February 23Glen Hatcher & Steve StaffordShannon & Deryck HillClaire MiznerLucy LassiterLillian MiznerAnna SmithPriscilla TempleCameron (slides) Dodd (sound)Johnnie Robertson
March 1Steve Stafford & Jack AustinWanda & Willis JohnsonAlyna VannAddison BrittAnna SmithLance ParkerCommunionNick (slides) John Ross (sound)Tim Allen
March 8Danny Honeycutt & Jack AustinWanda & Willis JohnsonLucy LassiterClaire MiznerElliot IsaacsLillian MiznerBrenda AllenJohn Ross (slides) Nick (sound)Phillip Wood
March 15Sherri & Dodd MatthewsKim & Johnnie RobertsonEthan McLamb Landon HaughtBen McLambAustin CreechCarmen DunnDodd (slides) Cameron (sound)Deryck Hill
March 22Sherri & Dodd MatthewsKim & Johnnie RobertsonClaire MiznerHeavenly BergerLillian MiznerAnna SmithStacy Ann WilliamsCameron (slides) Dodd (sound)Johnnie Robertson
March 29Sherri & Dodd MatthewsKim & Johnnie RobertsonAddison BrittLandon HaughtAustin CreechJohn HaughtJenny JohnsonNick (slides) John Ross (sound)Gordon Isaacs
April 5Larry Rhodes & Jim FarmerBarbara Rhodes & Linda FarmerLandon HaughtZack WilliamsJohn HaughtEthan WilliamsCommunionJohn Ross (slides) Nick (sound)Phillip Wood
April 12Larry Rhodes & Jim FarmerBarbara Rhodes & Linda FarmerEthan McLambClaire MiznerBen McLambLillian MiznerSusan VannCameron (slides) Dodd (sound)Charles Jones
April 19Albert Brewer & Charles BrewerSue & Dave DohertyZack Williams Addison BrittAllie WilliamsElliot IsaacsGertrude BeaverDodd (slides) Cameron (sound)Charles Jones
April 26Albert Brewer & Charles BrewerKay Stafford & Carolyn JerniganLucy LassiterEthan McLambLance ParkerAnna SmithBarbara RhodesNick (slides) John Ross (sound)Deryck Hill
May 3Phil Shaw & Tim AllenBetsy & Gordon IsaacsAddison BrittAlyna VannElliot IsaacsLillian MiznerCommunionJohn Ross (slides) Nick (sound)Tim Allen
May 10Gary Dunn & Byron JohnsonBetsy & Gordon IsaacsHeavenly BrittLucy LassiterAustin CreechLance ParkerJean PattersonCameron (slides) Dodd (sound)Phillip Wood
May 17Gary Dunn & Byron JohnsonTonya & Scott ParkerClaire MiznerEthan McLambLillian MiznerBen McLambSusan VannGordon Isaacs
May 24Harvey Eubanks & Glen HoneycuttTonya & Scott ParkerEthan McLambAlyna VannBen McLambAnna SmithKathy & Steve WestbookCharles Jones
May 31Shelby & John Ross RobertsonKim & Johnnie RobertsonLucy LassiterZack WilliamsLance ParkerEthan WilliamsLee BarnesDeryck Hill
June 7Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Jim FarmerAlyna VannAddison BrittAnna SmithLance ParkerCommunionTBD
June 14Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerLinda & Jim FarmerZack WilliamsClaire MiznerEthan WilliamsBen McLambJack AustinTBD
June 21Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerSusan Smith & Anna SmithLandon HaughtAlyna VannJohn HaughtAustin CreechJill & Nick KirschGordon Isaacs
June 28Mike Smith & Tim AllenSusan Smith & Anna SmithHeavenly BrittLucy LassiterAllie WilliamsLance ParkerJean Wall & Grace ByrdCharles Jones
July 5Glen Honeycutt & Steve StaffordJean Patterson & Donna HoneycuttCommunionCharles Jones
July 12Tom Britt & Byron JohnsonKay Stafford & Carolyn JerniganJanice MedlinDeryck Hill
July 19Eric Mizner & Andy HardeeMaria Isaza & Barbara RhodesLynn KeeneGordon Isaacs
July 26Charles Brewer & Albert BrewerMaris Isaza & Barbara RhodesAlbert BrewerPhillip Wood
August 2Cindy & Keith BeamonJudy & Phil ShawCommunionPhillip Wood
August 9Cindy & Keith BeamonSue & Dave Doherty - Tom BrittPriscilla TempleTBD
August 16Deryck Hill & Gordon IsaacsDonnie & Andy HardyDonna HoneycuttGordon Isaacs
August 23Deryck Hill & Danny HoneycuttDonnie & Andy HardyToni & Rufus LangleyTBD
August 30Gary Dunn & Gordon IsaacsPricilla Temple & Dee Dee MiznerEdna EubanksDeryck Hill
September 6Jennifer & Chip SwartzSherri & Dodd MatthewsCommunionTBD
September 13Jennifer & Chip SwartzSherri & Dodd MatthewsLois CreechPhillip Wood
September 20Andy Hardy & Deryck HillSherri & Dodd MatthewsJean PattersonGordon Isaacs
September 27Toni & Rufus LangleySherri & Dodd MatthewsMandy MickleyTBD
October 4Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerVivian & Glen HatcherCommunionPhillip Wood
October 11Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerVivian & Glen HatcherSherri MatthewsTBD
October 18Cameron Kirsch & Albert BrewerVivian & Glen HatcherLee BarnesGordon Isaacs
October 25Cameron Kirsch & Nick KirschVivian & Glen HatcherDonnie Ray HardyCharles Jones
November 1Carmen & Mike DunnBarbara Rhodes & Sandra HoneycuttCommunionCharles Jones
November 8Carmen & Mike DunnBarbara Rhodes & Sandra HoneycuttEleanor & Tom BrittPhillip Wood
November 15Shelby & John Ross RobertsonKim & Johnnie RobertsonTonya ParkerGordon Isaacs
November 22Toni & Rufus LangleyKim & Johnnie RobertsonLynn KeeneDeryck Hill
November 29Steve Stafford & Glen HoneycuttKay Stafford & Maria IsazaAngel KeeneCharles Jones
December 6Nick Kirsch & Albert BrewerBarbara & Larry RhodesCommunionCharles Jones
December 13Mike Smith & Gordon IsaacsLynn Keene & Leigh BarnesPoinsettias and Christmas DecorPhillip Wood
December 20Gary Dunn & Mike SmithSusan Smith & Sandy WoodPoinsettias and Christmas DecorGordon Isaacs
December 27CYA SundayCYA SundayPoinsettias and Christmas DecorCharles Jones
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