Sunday Responsibilities

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Usher Substitutes: Keith Beamon, Deryck Hill, Danny Honeycutt, Carmon Dunn

DateUshersGreetersChildren's ChurchWorship Nursery Helpers
January 2, 2022Communion - No Children's ChurchJill Charville & Susan Vann
January 9, 2022Olivia Spell & Alexandria WilliamsShannon Hill & Dee Dee Mizner
January 16,2022Debbie Massengill & Lillian MiznerSusan Smith & Anna Smith
January 23, 2022Keith BeamonAshley LaneBrenda Allen & Debbie MassengillWanda Johnson & Bridgett Lassiter
January 30, 2022Carmen DunnMike DunnDebbie Massengill & Alexandria WilliamsWanda Johnson & Olivia Spell
February 6, 2022Ashley WoodTonya ParkerCommunion - No Children's ChurchShannon Hill & Kandis Johnson
February 13, 2022Steve StaffordLance ParkerOlivia Spell & Lilian MiznerSusan Smith & Anna Smith
February 20, 2022Keith BeamonCindy BeamonAddison Britt & Carmen DunnJill Kirsch & Bridget Lassiter
February 27, 2022Danny HoneycuttLarry RhodesDebbie Massengill & Lillian MiznerJill Charville & Dee Dee Mizner
March 6, 2022Steve StaffordJean PatersonCommunion - No Children's ChurchWanda Johnson & Toni Langley
March 13, 2022Rufus LangleyToni LangleyOlivia Spell & ?
Betsy Isaac & Tonya Parker
March 20, 2022Danny HoneycuttLarry RhodesAlexandria Williams & Debbie MassengillBrenda Allen & Ashley Lane
March 27, 2022Glenn HatcherVivian HatcherDebbie Massengill & Alexandria WilliamsShannon Hill & Tonya Parker
April 3, 2022Jeff SneadPaula Jo SneadCommunion - No Children's ChurchJill Charville & Dee Dee Mizner
April 10, 2022Jack Austin, Jr.Carmen DunnOlivia Spell & Debbie MassengillSusan Vann & Bridget Lassiter
April 17, 2022Deryck HillShannon HillAlexandria Williams & Bridgette LassiterSusan Smith & Anna Smith
April 24, 2022Dodd MattewsSherry MatthewsDebbie MassengillJill Charville & Ashley Wood
May 1, 2022Byron JohnsonAnita StephensonCommunion - No Children's ChurchTonya Parker & Wanda Johnson
May 8, 2022Byron JohnsonAnita StephensonDebbie MassengillJill Kirsch & Nick Kirsch
May 15, 2022Steve StaffordCarmen DunnOlivia Spell & Alyna VannBrenda Allen & Toni Langley
May 22, 2022Mike SmithBrenda AllenDebbie Massengill & Alexandria WilliamsAshley Lane & Jill Charville
May 29, 2022Dodd MatthewsSherri MattewsRylee MarekSusan Vann & Dee Dee Mizner
June 5, 2022Keith BeamonCindy BeamonCommunion - No Children's ChurchBetsy Isaac & Rylee Merick
June 12, 2022Jim FarmerLinda FarmerDebbie Massengill & Lance ParkerShannon Hill & Bridget Lassiter
June 19, 2022Danny HoneycuttCarmen DunnDebbie MassengillMaria Isaza & Jill Charville
June 26, 2022Steve StaffordJanice & Gerald MedlinDebbie MassengillAshley Wood & Shannon Hill
July 3, 2022Deryck HillSteve StaffordCommunion - No Children's ChurchJill Charville & Susan Vann
July 10, 2022Ryan SpellJean PattersonAlyna Vann & Debbie MassengillShannon Hill & Dee Dee Mizner
July 17, 2022Glenn HatcherVivian HatcherDebbie MassengillBrenda Allen & Anna Smith
July 24, 2022Dodd MatthewsSherri MatthewsDebbie MassengillBridget Lassiter & Betsy Isaac
July 31, 2022Larry RhodesBarbara RhodesDebbie MassengillSusan Smith & Ashley Lane
August 7, 2022Deryck HillJean PattersonCommunion - No Children's ChurchShannon Hill & Susan Smith
August 14, 2022Byron JohnsonAnita StephensonDebbie MassengillJill Kirsch & Kandis Johnson
August 21, 2022Byron JohnsonAnita StephensonDebbie MassengillBetsy Isaac & Susan Vann
August 28, 2022Keith BeamonCindy BeamonAlyna Vann & Debbie MassengillJill Charville & Rylee Merick
September 4, 2022Rufus LangleyToni LangleyCommunion - No Children's ChurchLillian Misner & Bridget Lassiter
September 11, 2022Dodd MatthewsSherri MatthewsDebbie Massengill & Alyna VannKandis Johnson & Toni Langley
September 18, 2022Carmen DunnDanny HoneycuttDebbie Massengill & Elliot IsaacShannon Hill & Tonya Parker
September 25, 2022Steve StaffordLarry RhodesDebbie Massengill & Lance ParkerBrenda Allen & Ashley Lane
October 2, 2022Communion - No Children's ChurchShannon Hill & Kandis Johnson
October 9, 2022Rylee Mareck & Lucy LassisterJill Charville & Bridget Lassiter
October 16, 2022Debbie MassengillDee Dee Mizner & Maria Isaza
October 23, 2022Debbie Massengill and Allie WilliamsToni Langley & Betsy Isaac
October 30, 2022Debbie MassengillShannon Hill & Lillian Misner
November 6, 2022Communion - No Children's ChurchAshley Lane & Brenda Allen
November 13, 2022Debbie MassengillSusan Vann & Sandy Wood
November 20, 2022Debbie Massengill & Allie WilliamsSusan Smith & Tonya Parker
November 27, 2022Olivia Spell & Rylee Merick
December 4, 2022Communion - No Children's ChurchMaria Isaza & Jill Charville
December 11, 2022Bridget Lassiter & Dee Dee Mizner
December 18, 2022Shannon Hill &
December 25, 2022"No Nursery"
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